Speak Powerfully. Sell Genuinely. Serve Profitably.
Welcome to AMPLIFY Your "Talk"
Learn The Most Powerful, Under Utilized, Cost Effective Marketing Tool To Attract New Clients Fast and AMPLIFY Your Profits In 30 Days or Less...Regardless of Your Industry or Experience.
Are you a coach, consultant, expert or service professional who loves what they do but often find yourself struggling with the "the whole sales thing?"

Are you looking for a way to amplify your success and attract the ideal clients you want, but aren’t sure exactly how to go about it and definitely do NOT want to come off as pushy?

Are you frustrated with packaging your knowledge into system others can follow and you can become known for as the go to expert?

Or you are not sure where to get started because you don't feel like you have product yet?

Are you tired of manual one-on-one prospect loading with all the excuses, objections, and stalls it entails … not to mention the endless time-consuming follow ups?

It’s exhausting work, isn’t it? Especially when it often leaves you with nothing more than a NO or a long list of unreturned phone calls, endless to do's when you really only need "One Thing?"

Do You Find Yourself Saying:
  • There must be a better way to find and serve my audience, clients or patients?
  • They loved my talk, but nobody is "buying" or signing up for my service?
  • What if I could succeed with ONE TALK, rather than running around creating different talks for different audiences every time? Especially at the last minute.
  • What if I could attract handfuls of New Clients ready to do business with me on the spot with endless one on one prospecting?
  • What if I could present my ideas, my systems, my knowledge in a way that has me spending more time doing what I love while serve groups of clients at once scaling my business and leveraging my time?
  • Maybe there is a better framework I can follow rather than "winging it" or "teaching too much" leaving my audiences paralyzed in a sea of information or worst yet, thinking they now have everything they need to get started?
  • How can I reinvent my career through my expertise and take control of my own future around a lifestyle I love? I know I can do it but I'm unsure where to start?
  • Is there a way I can present my offers without being pushy or salesy and still have them take action and glad they did?
  • Wow...I'm sitting on a wealth of knowledge, but how do I Package, Present and Profit from it?
  • Is there really a way I can use speaking to amplify my message and income when I have no experience and/or afraid of public speaking?
If you want to turn your passion into profits without losing your integrity or feeling like a smarmy salesperson, I’m excited to share a truly transformational opportunity with you; one that will help you confidently grow your business, dramatically boost your income, and significantly increase your impact … all without hype, gimmicks, or manipulation … and all while maintaining the highest degree of personal integrity.

"A big thank you to Dr. Andreas for putting together this program. Tonight I did a presentation to a small group of Mason contractors. As a result, I converted three of them into the high program and netted $7500 on the night. My presentation is nowhere near where it needs to be but this is a fantastic start. In addition, there was an executive director there with connections to over 16 different associations. He would like for me to give the same exact presentation to them as well. Could have never pull this off without the direction of leadership of DrAndreas and training found in AMPLIFY Your Talk!" -- Charles Alvarez, Focal Point Business Coach

"I've been through many programs and have attended many seminars and
trainings specifically on learning how to be a better speaker. So the Amplify Your Talk program was not my first taste into speaker coaching and training. But I can tell you that the AYT program goes from the big to small picture better than any I have experienced thus far. Dr. Andreas' ability to create the right mindset and vision yet teach and train on the nitty gritty details that really make a difference is incredible. It's helped me move my audiences into action by just changing a few simple strategies and executing them. I recommend it for anyone trying to get an important message to groups of people."

Dr. Dan Sullivan - The Chiropractic Advocate

Look, I Get It. I've Been There, Too...
Early on in my career, I almost went bankrupt because I didn’t know how to sell. I was relying on my degrees to somehow magically attract clients to beat a path to my door. Boy, was I wrong!

I tried manual prospecting. But, that just left me feeling frustrated and burned out. Can you relate?

I just knew there had to be a better way...

Fast forward a few years...
I can still remember that day it as if it were yesterday…

I was sweating profusely, fumbling over my words, and there was no natural flow to my thoughts or points. I thought it was flat-out terrible.

That pretty much describes how I initially felt about my very first speaking engagement, and it should’ve been enough to keep me from ever speaking again.

So, you can imagine my shock when my small audience LOVED what I shared so much that my offer converted at 60% and netted me a tidy sum of $10,500 in less than an hour!
What was going on here?
It’s simple: Just like you, I had a passion. In my case, it was a deep and unshakeable desire to help people achieve a better quality of life. Even though I was deathly afraid of public speaking, I knew without any hesitation I was meant to share my message. Perhaps you can relate?

So, although I may have botched the delivery and I didn’t have a clear framework for my talk, it was my authenticity – the pure, unquestionable passion I had to serve others – that came shining through and saved the day.

See, speaking does not have to be so hard
In that moment, I realized that speaking authentically with passion and purpose – and not using some slick marketing pitch – was the key to using the speaker’s platform to generate real and lucrative personal and professional success.

When you learn how to speak confidently, you can turn your words into profit. You can create honest connection with your audience. You can sell genuinely.

You can be the difference. You can finally realize your desire to serve, teach, and transform … all while making a fantastic living.

More than that, you can find this kind of success WITHOUT compromising your integrity, ethics, or values.

Because here's the thing...
When you learn the correct way to do it – with what I call “Trademark Talks that Serves and Sells” – you don’t have to put on any fake sales persona or use any slimy tricks to find extraordinary success with your own speaking. In other words, there is NO switching into that sales mode you can’t stand…

As you’ll soon discover, this kind of change in the way you think about speaking is truly liberating. I know it was for me.

And it works. It really, really works...whether on
  • Webinar
  • Teleconference
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Podcasts
  • Boardrooms
  • Live events, seminars and workshops
  • And the best part...speaking works for any industry or niche!
Many times you are only ONE PRESENTATION away from shattering the ceiling on your Impact and yes...Income Potential!

When I learned how to bridge the gap between the products and services I offered and the goals, needs, and wants of my audience without being “pushy or salesy,” I was able to scale my businesses into seven figures and beyond in several industries.

It’s exactly what helped fuel my success as the Director of Sales for Peak Potentials Training, founded by industry icon and best-selling author T. Harv Eker, where I oversaw millions of dollars in sales speaking from the stage.

It’s also what allowed me to partner with best-selling author and success expert, Brian Tracy, in designing, creating, and delivering his world-renowned Certification Program, working with his clients and becoming his exclusive Master Sales Trainer.

In other words, when you have this same right mindset about speaking paired with a proven framework and one-on-one support (which you’ll learn about in a sec), you can turn speaking into a real asset for your business, too.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Can you even begin to imagine where such an asset and new found set of highly-desirable skills could take you? Your potential would be truly unlimited!

Well, I’m not just teasing you with empty talk here! Instead...
 Arguably the Worlds' Highest Paid Skill And One You Can Learn!

"DrAndreas is absolutely brilliant at what he does! He is my go to mentor when it comes to delivering great content while generating sales from the front of the room!"

Joseph McClendon III
Tony Robbins Master Trainer
Introducing: AMPLIFY Your "Talk"
Enrolling New Members Now
Amplify Your “Talk” is an interactive Member’s Only 8-week program designed specifically to help motivated and authentic individuals like you unlock your truest potential as you learn the keys to speaking powerfully, selling genuinely, and serving profitably … even if you have never liked selling, have experienced poor results in the past, or have a fear of public speaking.

For years now, it’s been a dream of mine to take what I do in my in-person workshops and develop a virtual classroom that allows you and me to really dig in and get you the step-by-step support needed to:
  • Create your own Trademark Talk that will showcase your passion, value, and expertise as it effortlessly converts your audience into loyal customers…
  • Get laser focused on who your ideal client is, and how to find the work to connect directly with them (no more struggling with what to say)...
  • Gain clarity on your own unique value, so you can package your expertise into a profitable Trademark System - even if you don't think you have a system right now (psst, you do!)...
  • Replace fear, anxiety and inconsistency in selling with confidence and dependability...
  • Build credibility, trust and rapport with your audience by responding to and addressing their real needs and goals...
  • Grow your business and profits as you learn how to scale the impact of the powerful work you do from One on One "coaching/service" to One to Many...
  • Communicate effectively from your natural and authentic self, so you NEVER have to feel salesy, pushy or like someone you are not...
  • Magnetize and attract the ideal clients you want...
Plus, everything else needed to help you get known, get booked, and generate an amazing income at the same time!

Amplify Your “Talk” is really all about packaging, presenting, and profiting with your expertise by speaking powerfully, selling genuinely, and serving profitably.

That – and, honestly, a lot more – is exactly what the program can do for you. And, that’s why I’m so energized to be able to share it with you today.
Transforming "Selling" into Serving
From start to finish, every step of the program is designed to help you create your very own Trademark Talk so you can captivate, capture and monetize any audience by showing them:
  • You intimately understand their needs and goals
  • Have transformational information that will help deliver them from where they are to where they want to be
  • And, have products and services that will support and fast track their desired goals and results
… all without ever feeling like you’re being smarmy, slimy, or salesy.

There is an art and a science to creating a Trademark Talk that both genuinely responds to the needs of your audience members in real time (e.g., gives them the help they want during the talk) AND allows you to effortlessly sell your products and services without ever feeling pushy or losing your integrity from the front of the room.

This is what you’re going to learn. This is what you’re going to master. This is what is going to change everything!

"Andreas is one of the best (if not THE best) sales trainers I have ever seen and had the pleasure to work with. When I first listened to him I thought that there was no way I would ever be able to do what he did, I was convinced he was just a “natural”sales person. But instead of giving me scripts to follow and strict guidelines, he taught me how to understand the need of the client, how to ask questions that got down to what mattered most to them, and how to match that need with our service. Thanks to his leadership, his mentorship, and his ability to motivate, not only do I truly enjoy selling now (I NEVER thought I could actually enjoy it!), I have become very effective at it. In the time I worked with DrAndreas, I consistently exceeded my sales goals each month and have been doing so ever since! Thanks DrAndreas!"

Vanessa Black

Creating Your Very Own Trademark Talk and Offer That Converts
It's important for you to know that AMPLIFY Your "Talk" is NOT your typical Online Program. Far from it!
  • You will NOT Learn useless theory and outdated concepts but instead the secrets to Mass Persuasion, Influence and Client Attraction...
  • You will NOT Sit Back and listen as I talk AT you but instead interact as we Create your Trademark Talk and Offer together...
  • You will NOT be left alone to figure it all out on your own but instead connect with an Active Community Committed to Authentic Speaking and Sales Success
Amplify Your “Talk” is a fully-interactive program. With weekly group calls, real-time Q&A sessions (online and during our calls), a collaborative “mastermind” forum, as well as step-by-step worksheets, templates and lessons, you are an active participant in the program.

In other words, you’re not only learn the critical steps involved in creating a Trademark Talk, you’ll actually going to make YOUR own Trademark Talk.

You’re going to know what to offer, who to offer it to, where to find them, and the formula for creating a talk that connects and converts every time. You’re even going to learn how to easily find speaking gigs that get you highly qualified leads, Clients and Yes...Profits!

The Result For You?
YES, at the end of the program, you will have a powerful new asset for your business that you can use again and again and again...

YES, you will be able to identify and get crystal clear on your ideal client, including their fears, goals, wants, needs, desires, ambitions, and frustrations…

And, YES, you will learn how to structure and deliver a talk that addresses these needs as well as powerfully demonstrates the opportunity of the transformation your product or service provides them

But, you'll get so much more than this...
I’ve designed every step of this all-inclusive, business-building program so that you come out the other side with much more than a Trademark Talk.

In just 60 days, you’re going to emerge with a complete marketing kit.

This is not one of those “someday programs” you buy and let collect dust in your email Inbox. “Maybe someday I’ll get to it.” Nope. This is VERY different.

That’s because we’re going to roll up our sleeves together and get the work done – remembering at every stage of the program that we’re building an asset you can cash in on over and over…

Plus, since you and I are going to collaborate on
packaging your specific expertise into a complete system (even if you don’t think you have one right now), you’re going to actually have what you need in your hands to leverage, grow, and scale your business from one-to-1 to 1-to-many.

In fact, you and I are going to team up so
you have everything required to create an entire product suite around the transformation you offer – and you’re going to have the newfound confidence and skills required to sell it like a rockstar as you coach, teach, and talk to any audience, big or small.

Exploding your success. Realizing your fullest potential. And, opening up new doors to your future.

"Do it now and do it quickly! AMPLIFY Your Talk is the best time, best money invested. DrAndreas' specialty is teaching you how to take your specific Talk and deliver it from stage in way that makes sense to the audience while maintaining your sincerity and authenticity. If you have a desire to use Speaking to grow your business in way that is both articulate and persuasive, I highly recommend you AMPLIFY Your Next Talk with DrAndreas!"

-- Stephanie Chung, Business Coach and AMPLIFY Your Talk - VIP Day Client

How it All Works...
The process is simple: The program begins with a suite of four Kickstart Exercises and then moves into five multimedia Learning Modules that walk you through the Trademark Talk and Offer Creation formula.

Each week, you’ll work through the scheduled online module found in the Member’s Only site. You’ll watch the videos. Complete the worksheets and activities. Interact online with your fellow members.

The entire program is designed so that anybody – even if you have zero experience or don’t even know what your offer is – can start from scratch and finish with a Trademark Talk (as well as new found confidence, certainty, and success).
Let's take a quick look at each part of the program
** Kickstart Exercises  **
These interactive exercises are designed specifically to help you gain the all-important clarity needed to learn how to position and understand your business, your process, and your value BEFORE you create your very own Trademark Talk that Serves and Sells, including:
1.    Your Mindset to Speaking Success when "selling" without losing your mojo
2.    Getting into YOUR Customers "Mind" so they know you understand them and can now focus on you
3.    Finding the Words that Inspire and Inspire "Yes" on the Spot!
4.    A.M.P.L.I.F.Y. Your Own Trademark System with my system to scale your business and leverage your time
Countless members of the Amplify Your “Talk” community have told me time and time again that these exercises offer some of the most valuable and eye-opening insights of the entire program!
EXTRA BONUS: When you enroll today, you won’t have to wait for the program to start.

You’ll be granted INSTANT ACCESS so that you have exactly what you need to get a huge advantage over 90% of your competition before the program even kicks off!
Amplify Your “Talk” – 5 Core Multimedia Modules
In the heart of the program, you’ll walk through every step of the process as we work together to develop your own Trademark Talk and guarantee your speaking and sales success, includes weekly calls, videos, handouts, worksheets, and tutorials.
Module 1: How to Design and Create Your "Gotta Have Offer" that Converts!
Getting into the right mindset about your offer is critical to your speaking and sales success.

In this module, you’ll learn the psychology of the "Offer" as well as 7 simple and easy steps to designing your "Gotta Have Offer."

Module 2: Setting the Stage So You Can Rock Any Room!

Setting the stage is about laying down the proper tone and expectations so your audience leans in, both mentally and emotionally.

In this module, you’ll learn how to create a powerful opening that establishes "Collaboration" from the start, how to seamlessly lay the foundation for the body of your talk and the offer to follow.

Module 3: Teach to Serve and Sell Without Being Salesy + Seamless Transitions
To be successful, it’s critical you know how to craft the body of your talk to include content that rocks and inspires new possibilities. You also need to showcase the specific solutions and strategies your audience can only receive by working with you.

In this module, you’ll learn how to expertly do both as well as create seamless transitions that flow from point to point and into the offer without losing your mojo, momentum, or switching into sales mode.

Module 4: Invite the Room with Confidence
Your audience came to learn from you, so you need to learn how to “invite” them to continue the journey … or someone else will.

In this module, you’ll discover how to sincerely, effortlessly, and passionately Invite the Room with your "Gotta Have Offer."

Module 5: Putting it All Together – Trademark Talk that Serves and Sells

When you have your very own Trademark Talk, you’ll be able to cash in with an asset that serves and sells on demand! But, sitting down and actually creating your presentation is often tedious and time consuming.

In this module, we’ll work together to fast track the whole process as we work through the entire formula with my Trademark Talk Template, as well as review designs for persuasive presentations.

In addition to the Kickstart Exercises and Core Learning Modules, you’ll also have access to:
Q&A Forum + Private Facebook Community
You’ll have VIP Online Access to the Member’s Only Forum and community site where you can network, collaborate, and share with your fellow students. Think of it as a mini-mastermind available 24/7 at your fingertips!
Additional Worksheets, Templates, & Support
To make every step of the program as smooth as possible, you’ll also get the extra resources you need to thrive, including Trademark Talk that Serves and Sells template, Keys to presentation design, one sheet templates, the “Gig” Toolkit, and more.
Plus, An Incredible Bonus…
Believe me, you do NOT want to miss (more about this in a moment).

As you can quickly see, the entire program has been developed to give you the personalized, step-by-step support need to succeed.
AMPLIFY Your Message
With your Own Trademark Talk and Offer

"AMPLIFY Your Talk not only packaged my expertise into a system but DrAndreas' created the foundation to a new suite of products/services. Each supported with offers which I can now fulfill using DrAndreas’ Trademark Talk that Serves and Sells Formula…

Working with Andreas is extremely effective personal way to leverage his knowledge and system to get your message out into the marketplace.

So if you are looking to Package your Expertise utilizing his proven system, learn how to Communicate and Present it in a way that Serves your Audience and Inspires them into action then join AMPLIFY Your Talk Today!"

-- Chris Burger, Communications Coach and AMPLIFY Your Talk VIP Day Client

Even More Big Benefits
When you make the smart choice to join Amplify Your “Talk,” you’ll be making a strong decision to ask for (and get) more from your life.

You’ll be treating yourself to a proven program that WILL allow you to:
Create a “rinse-and-repeat” process you can use over and over to connect with your audience and convert your listeners into loyal customers … even if you have a fear of public speaking or have had limited success in the past..
Scale your one-to-one practice to one-to-many – allowing you to amplify your message and the impact of the powerful work you do … and finally make the income you really deserve.

Leverage your expertise and my step-by-step formula for designing your own Trademark Talk that Serves and Sells so you can generate an asset for your business that will pay for itself over and over again.
Buy down your learning curve, because you are joining a community that is paving the way, and Buying up the ramp up speed to getting your message out there in a bigger way without the mistakes.
In my opinion, there is simply no better way to capitalize on your passion and maximize your fullest potential than enrolling in the next Amplify Your “Talk” session.

But, you don’t have to just take my word for it…
Listen to What others have to Say...

“Dr. Andreas Boettcher delivers professional sales and speaker training designed to bring your business and career to higher levels of performance than you could achieve on your own. Whether you work with him one on one, use his programs, know that DrAndreas is one of the finest speakers and trainers in the world today!"

Brian Tracy – Best Selling Author and World Renown Keynote Speaker

“Dr. Andreas Boettcher is an inspirational figure to me and to countless others. Not only does he have the know-how and the passion to help others succeed, but his life’s experiences have given him the ability to relate to others with compassion and authenticity. This helps him truly shine as a mentor. If you want to AMPLIFY Your Message, DrAndreas will help you reach your peak potential. Whether one-on-one or from the big stage, DrAndreas is one of the very best at his craft. I highly recommend AMPLIFY Your Talk with DrAndreas.”

Clint McKinley, San Francisco, CA, Trainer and Keynote Speaker

“Dr. Andreas has a knack for developing leaders. When you’re sitting in an audience, of 50 or 500 he makes you feel like he’s talking to you directly. He has the skills to empower your stage presence and ability to connect with your audience.”
Arnauld Nakaha, Director of Sales for Beachbody – Creators of P90x and Insanity

Andreas is by a large margin, the most gifted sales trainer I have had the pleasure to work with. He has the innate ability to take your product or service and help you articulate the true value and benefits in layman’s terms. You would be hard pressed to find a better sales trainer to make a bigger difference with your Expertise!

Todd London – – Director of Sales Wealth Classes, LLC

So, I bet you are wondering...
What's the Investment?
I’ve always been committed to helping likeminded experts, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and service pros like you grow your businesses in the most cost-effective ways possible. This opportunity is no exception…
In celebration of this exciting new program that allows you to tap into the power of your very own Trademark Talk That Serves and Sells, I’m offering a special price of only $370 all-inclusive.
That means you can take advantage of this entire 5-week program for a fraction of what it would cost to attend a typical 3-day seminar.

And, as you’ve learned here today, Amplify Your “Talk” gives you so much more. With just one talk, you could easily pay back your initial investment.

Any income after the first is just pure profit! So, where do you sign up, right?

Hold on! Hold on! For a limited handful of people, there’s even more when you act today…

Two Awesome "Fast Track" Bonuses
Bonus #1 Trademark Talk: One Sheet Design That Gets You Booked ($195 Value)
Presentation, presentation, presentation! How you present yourself to prospective clients is so important. In this bonus, you’ll receive my surefire formula for successful, highly compelling one sheets you can use to promote your own Trademark Talk. Just follow my simple steps and watch the transformation happen!
Bonus #2 Book Speaking Gigs Now Toolkit ($495 Value)
What good is a Trademark Talk unless you’re out there using it? In this very special toolkit, I’ll equip you with exactly what you need to get out there and start booking speaking gigs! Includes two video trainings, sample script, pre-event questionnaire, sample speaker bio and more.

Including my personal video Interview with Mary Glorfield, former direct assistant to Tony Robbins and Multi-Speaker Event Coordinator for Peak Potentials Training. She is the go to expert on getting booked to speak, anywhere! (Priceless)
Can You Believe Everything That's Included?
Let's quickly recap everything you get when you sign up today:
* VIP Access to the entire 5-Week Multimedia Training Program, including:
  • Immediate Access To The Online Training Portal And Kickstart Exercises Designed To "Find The Words" And Develop Your    Trademark System
  • Access To DrAndreas' Trademark Talk Formula Accelerating the Creation Process
  • Access to DrAndreas' Worksheets and Templates
  • Access To The Private Online AMP NATION Community
In Addition, You Will Receive These Incredible Bonuses:
  • Bonus #1 Trademark Talk One Sheet Design That Gets You Booked ($195 Value)
  • Bonus #2 Book Your Speaking Gigs Toolkit ($495 Value)
  • Bonus #1 Trademark Talk One Sheet Design That Gets You Booked ($195 Value)
  • Bonus #2 Book Your Speaking Gigs Toolkit ($495 Value)
  • Bonus #3 AMPLIFY Your Talk Live Event Ticket With Special Guest Brian Tracy ($1995 Value)

Bonus #1:
Trademark Talk One Sheet Design that Gets you Booked

BONUS #2: Get your Speaking "Gigs" Toolkit complete with Script

Including my personal video Interview with Mary Glorfield, former direct assistant to Tony Robbins and Multi-Speaker Event Coordinator for Peak Potentials Training. She is the go to expert on getting booked to speak, anywhere! (Priceless)

Bonus #3: One FREE ticket to the AMPLIFY Your Talk Live 3-Day Event with Special Guest, Soon to Be Announced (last year it was Brian Tracy & Nick Unsworth)
Held in beautiful San Diego from September 22-24th, 2016 this event is simply one you don't want to miss. Designed to build upon everything you’ll learn in the Amplify Your “Talk” program and more!!

Yes...I'm Ready to Package, Present and Profit BIG with My Expertise!
Peace of mind - your order will be processed on secure servers.
My 30-Day “You’ve Got My Word” Guarantee
Enroll in Amplify Your “Talk” today. Dive right into the Kickstart Exercises. Jump on the calls. Check out the forum. See everything the program can do for you.

Then, if after 30 days – that’s ONE FULL MONTH – you don’t feel I’ve delivered on ALL of the results I’ve promised here, there’s no obligation. No small print. No hassles.

If now is not the right time for you to take your business to the next level, I totally understand and absolutely insist that you ask for a full refund!

I’ll give you every penny of your money back, no questions asked within 30 days of your purchase date.

"Over the years, I’ve literally written for hundreds of systems, formulas, and “all-in-one programs.” I’ve had the great fortune to work with many of the top names in the industry. That said, I can say without hesitation that AMPLIFY Your Talk is one of the most complete, accessible, and useful programs I’ve ever had the pleasure to bump up against. It actually does exactly what it promises it will do … and that is NOT common!

What I love and respect about AMPLIFY Your Talk is that – if you’re someone who is serious about success and wants to take advantage of all the benefits of one-on-one coaching in a supportive, focused, and inspirational group environment – the AYT program, especially the core modules and weekly calls, delivers in spades. I recommend this program without reservation. It’s really *that* good."   -- Mark Leary - Professional Copywriter to the "Stars"

Here's The Catch: Spots Are Limited...
To make sure that I maintain the highest degree of quality and attention, the program will be limited in size.

Since we will be working closely together, I want to make sure I can respond to your needs in real time. If I wasn’t able to, what’s the point?!

You and your success are my #1 priority.

I'm Ready, DrAndreas!
I am finally ready to take my success to the next level, starting right now!

I understand that by saying YES, I'll be one of the lucky few people who get to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I can't wait to discover how wonderful it is going to feel to turn my passion into a profit-producing asset that makes me money over and over again!

I also am thankful for your FREE bonus – seeing now how I can not only craft my talk but also find the gigs that get me booked!

With that said, I know I need to act fast if I want to reserve my seat, so please sign me up right now!

You Deserve Nothing Less
We all have excuses as to why we’re not as successful as we could be…

      Right now, you have the opportunity to choose to make today *the* day you make a change for the best.

I guarantee this 5-week program won’t be the “easiest” thing you’ve ever done. But, I give you my word, you are guaranteed to learn more about yourself, your value, and your potential over the course of this program than you’ve learned in a long, long time – and you’re going to have a blast doing it!

      You deserve this kind of transformation.

Reserve your seat today, and I’ll look forward to talking with you soon!

To your Success,
Dr. Andreas Boettcher
P.S. An entirely new asset for your business? A profitable income stream? An ability to expand your reach, increase your exposure, and maximize your potential … all with one simple-to-learn and easy-to-implement technique?

This is what’s possible. This is what you can do. This is the help you’ve been seeking.

I strongly encourage you to enroll today to save your spot. At only $1995 for the entire 5-week program this is the best investment in yourself you can make.
P.P.S. When you enroll today, you’ll get instant access the all-important Kickstart Exercises to Clear on your Ideal Client, the words to connect with them and your Trademark System...even if you don't think you have one!
That means you can begin gaining the clarity needed about your business, your process, and your value to put you leaps and bounds ahead of 90% of your competition right out of the gates!

Again, I look forward to meeting you soon!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What if I don’t have product to sell yet?

A: I call it Proof of Concept (in fact it's how I created this program). What better way to see if you what to have offer is: one desirable and two, converts into clients? I’ll show you how to use the Trademark Talk Formula to create and present an offer you have yet to create. Naturally, you are upfront and you let them know the product is coming. Then offer some incentive for their early commitment and once you know it sells, then you take the time to build and create the program, service or event you are looking to provide. We’ll dive deep into what you know and pull out the system and methodology you use to help your clients achieve the results they are looking for.

Q: Will I been given a hard script?

A: No. Hard scripts in my opinion make you sound robotic and unnatural in your presentation. Instead, we will provide a framework for you to follow along with memory techniques to allow you to stay on point or return to point effortless without your audience ever knowing the difference.

Q: Will I be “hard closing” my audience?

A: No. I don’t believe in hard closes. Hard closes usually lead to buyers remorse and refunds. We simply make the invitation intelligently, logically with the ideal clients raising their hand and glad they did.

Q: I’m not seasoned or polished presenter?

A: This is a mindset question. Do you believe in the value you offer and the transformation you provide? If so, I’ll show you how to have the audience root for your success, despite your fear and embrace the transformation you provide. When you follow a system, a formula, clients find that their fear disappears with the feeling that comes with being prepared and ready. Experience is irrelevant when you believe more in the value you offer than your doubts and fears.

Q: Does this training apply to Keynote Speaking?

A: No. The Trademark Talk Formula is designed to help you to develop one transformational talk that motivates your audience into action and the results they want through your offering. Once you know this formula you can duplicate your success to other offerings you have whether live or via video. That offer may be a product, service, consultation or invitation to learn more through your services.

Q: Can the Trademark Talk Formula be used beyond the “stage or front of the room?”

A: Yes. You can use this formula for any presentation including but not limited to teleseminars, webinars and anywhere you can gather or speak to an audience.

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